Olfactive Signature

“There is a clear desire to assert oneself as a unique person, and fragrance is the messenger of what one wants to reveal.” These words, taken from the book “Les routes de mes parfums” (2010) by Jean-Paul Guerlain, sum up our approach: the Olfactive Signature proposed by Maison Chamo is a passport to a unique sensory journey, in your image.

Listening and

Maison Chamo translates your values, your emotions, your history and your memories into fragrance notes. This is where the olfactive memory unfolds: anchored in our brain, natural and instinctive, it awakens effortlessly. Its formidable emotional power is at the heart of each Olfactive Signature created by Maison Chamo.

The scent you leave behind in the alleys of a park, on a street corner or in a train car will undoubtedly awaken a distant memory in another person. Because the smell of a place has the power to leave an eternal print on the memory of those who breathe it.

The fragrances we create are nourished by a sincere, artistic, emotional and enriching dialogue between you and us. Thanks to this sharing, Maison Chamo can also distill its own emotions. Your Olfactive Signature will have that little extra touch of art that is distinctive of Maison Chamo.

© Natalie Karpushenko

Trust and respect

About thirty olfactive signatures have been created thanks to our partners. For more than 15 years,
we have been united by common values: mutual trust, respect for the ethics of the profession and a passion for raw materials dedicated to perfumery.
We guarantee you fragrances developed with state-of-the-art rules of composing a beautiful perfume.

Discretion and privacy

Maison Chamo’s reputation is based on the respect of our demanding clientele.

The trust established since the beginning is the result of a complicity built on the strong values of our brand.