Charlyne Davard-Giordano

Paris, cradle of scents

The olfactory memory of the young girl is also very active: she builds little by little her own cabinet where are arranged her odors, from the most gourmet to the most repulsive: scents and memories which she keeps engraved in her memory.
These olfactive treasures received as an inheritance from a life filled with memories of thousands Parisian scents, allow her to imagine infinite perfumes.

Her first crush with perfumes was with Jardins de Bagatelle, her first eau de parfum, in L’Ombre dans l’Eau, from the perfume house created by her best friend’s great uncle.

She took her first steps in the world of perfumery thanks to memorable encounters: her lifelong friend and grandniece of Yves Coueslant (founder of Dyptique) and the discovery of Guerlain, rue Saint Honoré.

© Héloïse Dombreval

“I don’t shy away from any source of inspiration.
There is no more beautiful profession than that which is bathed in perfume”

Charlyne Davard Giordano, Founder, Chamo Parfums


Grasse, land of achievement

At the age of 30, Charlyne Davard-Giordano realized her dream: to create perfumes.
In Grasse, she discovers the workings of the French perfume industry at Expressions Parfumées.
From the French Riviera to the hills of the hinterland, her nose smells new scents, those of the surrounding nature, breathtaking and varied. Her scent cabinet is constantly growing. Her memory expands and she revels in these new scents.

The young woman thought of founding her own fragrance house, but the world of industry was harsh. One day, Jean-Claude Gigodot opened the doors of his own factory to her and warned her: “Before becoming big, you are first small. Be welcome.”

In 2004, in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Charlyne Davard-Giordano launched the Chamo Parfums brand with 6 chords of scented candles

Since then, Jean-Claude’s son Eric has taken up the family torch and created Parfumance.
Charlyne Davard-Giordano entrusts him with her fragrance projects. Each creation is then produced at the Sainte Blanche estate by Accords & Parfums. Thus the name Maison Chamo takes on its full meaning.
Charlyne Davard-Giordano draws her inspiration from the heart of her life: during her travels, with her family and friends, from museums and exhibitions, from the pages of novels – biographies – interviews, listening to Chopin, Mozart, Eddy Mitchell, Joan Baez, watching the clouds, or while eating snow.

Maison Chamo

Head of

“I have been writing olfactive symphonies for over 15 years.
It was first for the Chamo Parfums line of scented candles; there were 12 chords.
Each one evoked a place, a person, a moment, a corner of the skin, and sometimes a gesture.
Smells evoke memories of course, but they also fascinate me and above all, they are my language. I do not choose my subjects of inspiration, they impose themselves. I simply need to listen to them.”

That’s how I wrote Nikoalos, a resolutely masculine accord: it evoked for me this man I didn’t know at the time I composed the perfume. Years later, when I met Nikolaos, it was indeed him that I had managed to translate into fragrance notes and cast them into wax!

Maman, this perfume evokes for me the hollow of a mother’s cheek, that place where our nose comes into contact with that piece of skin at the moment our kiss settles there… abysmal!

of Creation

Letters form words, words escape from our mouths. Each one has a meaning, they are said in thousands of languages and dialects. I say them in fragrances.

Tell me what you like, your emotions, your memories, your evocations, your history, I will translate them into fragrances.
Each fragrance evokes the values, roots, codes and image entrusted to me.
I transcribe them into the language of flowers, woods, fruits, spices, herbs, and different materials in order to obtain a unique fragrance, one that smells exactly like your words.
Enthusiasm, sensitivity and commitment to you are at the heart of my work.
My passion for scents is essential to guarantee the quality and authenticity of my olfactive creations.
Each olfactive project is treated on demand and for a single identity, in all exclusivity and discretion.
This is how I have composed more than thirty unique fragrances for the home and for the body.