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Creator of fragrances of excellence

Maison Chamo and its founder share three passions: customized olfactory creations, scents and know-how.
Their common points? Unique scents that tell a story. Some transcribe the atmosphere of a place. Others suggest the soul of a person. Some capture a moment while others diffuse the values of a brand.



Author of your
Olfactive Signature

Maison Chamo creates fragrances for spaces full of meaning and history: guest houses, consulting firms, gallery owners, festivals and exhibitions, ready-to-wear brands.
Men and women who love fragrances also like to entrust Maison Chamo with their olfactive signature: artists, godparents, and fiancés.
Are you an individual or a company? The Olfactory Signature reflects your personality. It embodies your event, your brand. It tells the story of your place.

From the encounter to the realization of your Olfactive Signature with Charlyne Davard-Giordano, Founder of Maison Chamo


I accompany you on this unique sensory journey. It begins with a meeting that takes place as many times as necessary.
With a notebook and a pencil in hand, I dive into your universe. I sift through every idea, every element, every piece of information that you entrust to me. I collect the history, the materials, the colors, the smells, the sounds that make you vibrate.
You guide me according to your desires, your needs, your expectations, your requirements, your instinct.


Initial outlines

I submit to you some bottles. Each one contains an olfactory interpretation according to your unique wish and image.
I listen carefully. I note your impressions. Every detail counts.
This exchange allows me to rework the tuning. We then fine-tune the adjustments.
Objective: to obtain the perfect tone, the one which diffuses exactly what you wish.


From desire to realization

I present you with the sample that contains the finished composition.
It is yours, made exclusively for you, according to your dream.
Its wake is a guarantee of the imperishable memory that it will leave in the memories.

Maison Chamo

For more than 15 years, Maison Chamo and its partners have guaranteed attention, patience, consistency, rigor and creativity in each olfactive project.

You offer us the most beautiful opportunity to create unique fragrances.
We commit ourselves to create in the respect of your desires.

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Charlyne Davard-Giordano

Founder of Maison Chamo
Born in Lower Normandy, Charlyne Davard-Giordano migrated to the heart of Paris in the late seventies, rue Montorgeuil in the family bakery-pastry-caterer-chocolate shop.

In this mythical street of the old Halles de Paris, she is immersed in a sensory whirlwind, surrounded by the smells of fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses. Life is in full swing in this Parisian setting punctuated by café-breweries, restaurants, florists, banks, cobblers, grocery stores abound.