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Questions / Answers

Is Olfactive Signature, necessarily custom-made ?

The signature is a mark that identifies a person, a brand, an event.
With this in mind, Maison Chamo offers exclusively custom-made Olfactive Signatures, that is to say, in an absolute way, to identify a single person or a single brand through scent.

How to use Olfactive Signature ?
Once your custom-made fragrance is created, you can use it as you wish.
There are as many possibilities as there are Olfactive Signatures.
Maison Chamo can assist you in finding the most suitable fragrance carrier for you.
For whom is Olfactive Signature ?
The Olfactive Signature is intended for any person or company wishing to anchor their personality in the memory of those who cross their path.
How much does Olfactive Signature cost ?
The work of olfactive writing requires creativity, sensitivity, listening, high expectations, meticulousness, patience and availability to your service. Giving it a monetary value requires sincerity and accuracy. Just like the custom-made approach, its cost is also.
How long does it take to develop an Olfactive Signature ?
Each creation of an Olfactive Signature depends on your anchor, on what you wish to do with this Olfactive Signature (personal need for a bottle, personal need for an event, commercial exploitation as a fragrance item).