Maison Chamo

Scents of excellence to remember

Born from the passion of its founder for scents and the know-how of art craftsmen, Maison Chamo creates exclusively personalized fragrances
Each olfactive creation orchestrated by the brand transcribes the atmosphere of a place, the soul of a person, the values of a brand, the history of a moment.

© Guillaume Dégé, Sans titre, 2019

Talents at your service

Maison Chamo combines the talents of Jean-Claude and Eric Gigodot / Parfumance, the creative studio Accords & Parfums and Charlyne Davard-Giordano.
Their relationship of mutual trust for over 15 years is a guarantee of success.
Doped with honesty, sincerity, passion and audacity. I don’t shy away from any source of inspiration. There is no more beautiful profession than one that is bathed in perfume.
Charlyne Davard-Giordano

Founder of Maison Chamo

Tune their organs to achieve the exact fragrance composition that I ask of them.
Jean-Claude and Eric Gigodot

Perfumers of Parfumance

Accords & Parfums, at the service of independent perfumers, rigor and human values define their way of working. Olivier Maure, its manager devotes a deep passion for authors fragrances and first class raw materials.
Olivier Maure

Manager of Accords et Parfums

A common

Like the construction of a fragrance – Maison Chamo is composed of a pyramid of three talents :
• Charlyne Davard-Giordano stimulates an idea motivated by an association of elements,
• Jean-Claude and Éric Gigodot handle the raw materials that will give life to the initial idea,
• Accords & Parfums selects and supplies the most beautiful raw materials to produce the excellence you expect from a unique fragrance.

Our know-how

Our profession of art craftsman requires rigor, consistency, patience, listening and creativity.
Maison Chamo and its partners strive to meet these requirements in each olfactive project.

Ours values

First of all, we are grateful for your interest and trust.
The least we can offer you is the respect of your wishes.
“All we know is that we know nothing” Socrates

That’s what we say to ourselves at every encounter we have and every fragrance we create.

Our commitment

Your Olfactive Signature belongs to you alone, it is exclusive in the strict sense of the word
Our love for scents and fragrances is unconditional.
You are our greatest opportunity to create unique fragrances.